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What is OCD training?

Are you looking for a change in career, or maybe a different pace of life, you may also be an oven cleaner looking to learn new skills.


Could becoming an independent professional oven cleaner be the answer that you’re searching for, unlike a franchise that has a large initial investment and then regular royalty payments.


Being an independent operator is a low investment start up business, you can work 7 days a week, and make as much money as you want, or if your looking to take things a bit easier you can on work as and when you want to.


At OCD Ltd we not only train you to carry out the actual oven cleaning but also the sales and marketing, pricing, equipment and stock sourcing etc. if you have any questions feel free to contact us

Why choose OCD training?

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Based in the heart of cheshire, only minutes from junction 18 of the M6 and Crewe Railway Station, Oven Cleaning Demon Ltd is perfectly placed and skilled to offer you either a refresher course or an in-depth professional domestic oven, hob and extractor cleaning course, with additional ongoing mentoring and support.

If you are looking to be trained to the highest standards, our qualified trainer Andy, will take you through the whole process form A to Z, giving you the skills and knowledge to be one of the best professional and independent oven cleaners in your area.

To ensure you have the time to learn the skills with hands on practical training, a maximum of 2 jobs will be booked per training day, this ensures you have the time to ask as many questions as you need and the training day jobs are not rushed to help you with the practical part of the job.

While training you will receive an OCD Ltd Training Pack, this is yours to keep, it gives you a ready reference of in-depth and advanced knowledge that only years of hands on experience can provide, along with tips and tricks of the trade, allowing you to carry out a professional deep clean to to the highest possible standard.

OCD Ltd only provide oven cleaning training with Eco and Bio products, these are child and pet safe meaning when you leave the job the customer can use the oven, hob and extractor immediately.


OCD Ltd does NOT use or offer training with caustic cleaning products

Training Rates

Daily - £225 per day - 8.00am - 17.00pm (maximum of 2 jobs per day)

Weekly - £850 per week - 8.00am - 17.00pm (maximum of 2 jobs per day)

Weekly Training Courses, will cover:

  • Strip downs and rebuilds, doors, backplates, fans and bulb covers

  • Cleaning using the different types of Eco and Bio products

  • Cleaning using the different types of blades and scourers

  • Oven, hob & extractor variations

  • Common brand and model issues, faults and interesting design points

  • Necessary equipment, stocks and spares

  • Sourcing of equipment, stocks and spares

  • Diary control, booking procedure and best practices

  • Customers and customer services

  • Invoicing and taking payments

  • Upselling

  • Sales, marketing and pricing structure

  • Health & Saftey

  • Insurances


Refresher training sessions will be tailored to the individual trainees requirements.

Accommodation can be source locally within a one mile radius of our base.

Training Reviews

I recently undertook training with Andy and managed to be out for 3 days with him. 


From the first morning, I could tell it was a good decision. A wealth of knowledge and experience was supplemented with very good training techniques to instill me with the confidence to go and start my own oven cleaning business. 


Over the 3 days, Andy had arranged a diverse range of ovens for me to work on so I had hands on experience of what was ahead of me. By the last day, I was very confident to get out on the road and start my business. 


What stands Andy apart from other training is the aftercare he provides to every trainee. I have had to call Andy with questions 4/5 times in the first couple of months and have received perfect guidance on how to deal with every problem. This is in real time, whilst in the job, meaning my day flows nicely and I don’t have to return to a customer once I’ve figured out the problem. I cannot stress enough the piece of mind this has provided me. 


If you are considering Andy’s training, don’t hesitate, you will be delighted with the level of competency you will achieve. I would recommend him 100%. 


Chris Gallen

Eco Oven Cleaning Scotland

When I first decided to start my oven cleaning business it was a minefield of companies offering training, I done a 5 day course with Andy and from day 1 I knew I had made the right choice. Andy was very professional, knowledgeable and very passionate about the best way of cleaning ovens. The one to one training in customers properties shows the trainee different ovens and different ways to remove elements, his way of teaching is easy to pass on to us as trainees.

I would highly recommend Oven Cleaning Demon Ltd as the best training course.


Damian Elite Oven Cleaning (Derby)

Due to my time coming to an end in the RAF, I decided to go down the route of working for myself and decided to go set up a cleaning business, particularly oven cleaning. On researching and contacting various oven cleaning trainers, Andy at OCD was the one who stood out from all the  rest as his immediate correspondence and guidance provided that professional feeling where I knew he was more interested in helping people like me than just earning more money from training like some of the other companies. Even without me confirming the training, he was giving good advice on equipment and even where to get decent vans.

During the training, it was clear to see how professional he was and how much he liked to impart his knowledge, letting me learn from his mistakes in the past.  Due to having a couple of walkways due to faults or damage including a Range  cooker on the initial training, Andy wanted to ensure that I recieved sufficient training and invited me down when he had a Range and Aga booked in as well as a bit of a refresher due to the initial training happening a few months before I could start my business. The training, guidance, and starter pack were all to the highest standard and he has been exceptionally helpful answering questions for my first few oven cleans. 

On Andy himself, he puts you at ease straight away with his calm and knowledgeable demeanour and explains every process, product and reasoning to ensure you have as much knowledge possible to help with your business. And with him insisting you get in touch with any issues or concerns certainly takes a bit of pressure off knowing he is still there to help.

Dougie Gordon, DD Gordon Precision Cleaning Service (Scotland)

What a great week of training I had. I spent a very long time researching, hours on end, to find the best oven cleaning trainer. I wanted someone who had the same work ethic, someone who uses eco/bio products, someone who leaves no stone unturned and aims high. Andy is that person. I really couldn’t rate him highly enough. I learnt so much during my week with him but at no point was it too much. He has an encyclopaedia knowledge of ovens, hobs and extractors. There is no way that you will come across every oven in that one week but Andy is always on hand for a call and he will talk you through exactly what needs to be done. He really helped me get off on the right foot and to have the confidence to make my business a success knowing that he will always be on hand if I ever need it. Thanks Andy for everything   


Mike, Clean Agenda Oven Cleaning 

I found Andy at Oven Cleaning Demon after attending a not so successful course where the training didn’t feel adequate for the level of service/care I wanted to provide for my future customers. 


Andy took me under his wing for a three day course. I quickly learnt that we both have a strong eye for attention to detail, so I knew that I had finally found the perfect person to train with. 

I finished training feeling confident to carry out my job to a high level. 


Andy also helped to go through my business plan and highlighted areas that I had missed.

He put me in touch with a good website designer to help improve my website. They also created a brilliant logo for me and then went on to create an eye catching leaflet and professional looking invoice pad.


What I found the most comforting was the aftercare received.

I know that I can call Andy at any time with any issue/question and he’s there to talk me through it. I think the longest I’ve waited for a response is ten minutes! 


If you’re looking for high quality training with superior aftercare support then Andy is the only  person I would recommend. 


Samantha, GO Oven Cleaning

When I decided to look into an alternative career, I checked out oven cleaning training courses and came across Andy from Oven Cleaning Demon. 
He specialises in non caustic, non toxic products that are not only enviromentally friendly, but also safe to use without doing any harm to the oven and more importantly to the person cleaning it. 
Andy was very thorough and explained how all the products work and how and when to use them. 
When my weeks training was done, he provided all the contacts needed to set my business up and informed me on where to purchase the products and tools to do the job. It's been two years since my training and I haven't looked back. 
Thanks to Andy's training and a lot of hard work I have a very successful oven cleaning business .. 

Derek, Eco Shine Oven Cleaning (Nantwich)

I spent one day with Andy on refresher course. Not only did Andy answer all my questions and queries, he structured the training on the day to explain how to be more efficient with my time, using honed techniques he uses on a daily basis. He recommended products he uses and the most effective ways to use them.

Andy spent time looking at my setup and gave great advice and how to tweak this to again enable to me to be more efficient and to secure/protect my equipment. 

I know through following Andy's advice I will be able to provide a first class service to my customers. My advice to anyone looking to start in this industry is do not hesitate to contact Andy the Oven Cleaning Demon.


Gary @ GMH Oven Cleaning (Greater Manchester)

After deciding to retrain and have a change of career it was important for me to learn from the best. Best in practice, products, tools, set up. Understanding the importance to attention to detail. Andy knows his job and fortunately for me is happy to share his invaluable experience.  If you want to learn how to do this job properly and lay down the foundations of a good solid business then you’ll need a good trainer. Andy’s your man. Can’t recommend him highly enough” - Ben Hings. 


Rutland Ovenclean ltd (Leicestershire)

My week of training with Andy at Oven Cleaning Demon was both thorough and comprehensive. He explained everything in detail, was patient when I didn't quite get things right first time, and gave me all the potential problems and pitfalls I may run into. I was given a training pack on the first day which also contains where to source everything you need to set up. The training was not only how to clean ovens, but was also how to set up and run your own business, very useful for anyone who hasn't done this before. I can highly recommend Andy for training. He's a very nice chap who will make you feel at ease!

Alan Douglas (Rossendale)

Having spent a week with Andy training didn't know what to expect but Andy easy guy to get on with and knows his stuff he went through everything with me over 5 days and really gave me the confidence to start up on my own its probably cost me £12k to get set up with a van having to board it out buying all the cleaning stuff tool box's and tools didn't really know you needed a lot of stuff and till I'd worked a week with Andy there's more to it than you think but like I said Andy put me right and bought all the stuff I needed from the training pamphlet Andy supplied that was really useful only did 3 ovens 1st week but this week I am fully booked and next week as well so fingers crossed. Before going into it, don't think your going to be a millionaire because you not, I did it because I can choose my own hours and days I work   this is not for everyone but it suits me obviously the more hours you put in the more money you make  so its up to the individual  but if you thinking of trying it andys the man knows his stuff easy to get along with and shows you everything you need to know.


Neil Haythorne, Oven Cleaning Busters (Rotherham)

Having recently completed my training with Andy from  Oven Cleaning Demon Ltd, I can honestly recommend Andy to anyone who is serious about starting their own oven cleaning business.

I'm so pleased I chose OCD for my training as there are many companies who who offer this type of service but Andy puts you at ease from the minute you meet him and his training was first class.

Andy is a top class bloke and I really enjoyed my week learning from him and he certainly set the standard of how an oven should be cleaned and I'll definitely take all his tips and knowledge into my new oven cleaning business and work to his standards.


Paul Boylen, Prime Ovenclean (Durham)

I did my training with Andy  from Oven Cleaning Demon just over a year ago. I can honestly say it was money well spent, he took the time to explain in a calm professional manner all aspects of the job and was willing to answer any questions  I asked. The on the job training was second to none, and I left with enough confidence to go it alone, that said if there was any problems or queries he was and still is at the end of the phone. With Andy's help I'm now running a  successful and fully booked business all within 12 months. If you are worried about the cost all I can say is I've more than saved the initial cost in the purchase of the right products and equipment that Andy recommended, along with the lack of costly mistakes having him at the end of the phone.


Brian, Pure Oven Cleaning (Bolton)

Andy’s training is very thorough, talking through each procedure and answering all my questions. Andy is professional and courteous and his knowledge is evident to all his customers but most importantly he is always at the end of the phone when needed to give advice. 

His knowledge and attention to detail have enabled him to deliver a high quality training package giving me the knowledge, confidence & skills to start my own business. 


Paul Armstrong Strongarm Oven Cleaning (Newcastle) 

Having just completed a weeks training with Andy at Oven Cleaning Demon Ltd, i was very impressed with his passion for the job which he shared in abundance. OCD ltd is a very professionally run outfit and I would highly reccomended to any trainees or customers .

Mike Bennett, Total Oven Clean Ltd (Manchester)

I can’t thank Andy of Oven Cleaning Demon Ltd enough. I got made redundant at end of July 2020 after the 100% furlough ended, I was stuck, I didn’t know how I was going to get the money to provide for my family. I stumbled across Andys company on the internet when I was searching for information on training to be a oven cleaner and I messaged him about his training course, he spend 30 minutes on the phone to me talking me through everything about his company and the course itself but he didn’t push his training on to me. At the end of the call I knew straight away I wanted to go and learn from Andy just because of how much knowledge he had about the industry, ovens and cleaning them.

I went and did a 5 day Monday to Friday training course and stayed in a premier inn nearby,  I got hands on experience straight away on the first day with Andy teaching me everything he knows and I wrote what must have been 50 questions in a note pad and he answered them all for me. Honestly this guy saved my life and can’t thank him enough. 3 months down the line I have my own business and it’s building nicely. I work my own hours, spend more time at home with the family, and most of all my bills are getting paid in this very difficult time, where there no jobs out there.  So even if your just thinking about it just go on the training course and trust me it worth every penny. 


Connor Hubbuck, Sublime Oven & Carpet Cleaning (Midlands)

Andy from Oven Cleaning Demon Ltd is very professional with the training courses he offers.

Andy really does go above and beyond with his extensive training for all makes of ovens hobs and extractors.

Even after 12 months of trading he is still always available at the end of the phone to answer questions and help with the Myriad of  problems that you come across on a daily basis.

I can and would highly recommend his training course to anyone looking at getting into the industry.


Paul Eco Oven Cleaning (North Yorkshire)

From day one Andy at Oven Cleaning Demon Ltd made me feel welcome and individual. Before committing to his course he gave me a full overview of what I was to expect, it was refreshing to see that he was more interested in me personally and my journey that took me to take oven cleaning training. I did not feel pressured into making a decision but due to the honesty, personal touches and guidance I received from Andy I simply had to train with him, even though it was over a 5 hour journey and there are big training competitors on my doorstep. Prior to my training date I received a detailed professional training pack written personally by Andy. It was easy to understand, explained everything from setting up your business, the products used and the process in using them. This gave me a good level of advanced knowledge going into the training, from day one Andy could speak in his own training language and it’s was a language I could understand, I believe this really helped iron out the basics early on, allowing me more time to focus on the detail later on in the program. Along with the training I felt I was part of Andy’s team, by day 3 I was taking charge. Andy would guide me if I was a little keen in areas, I also liked the fact he would educate me instead of telling what I was doing wrong, in this way of questioning my actions it would keep me on my toes and always kept me thinking. But I felt comfortable with Andy stepping in to guide me when needed. It was a really relaxed atmosphere, but expect to be caught off guard. Andy has high expectations ( some would say OCD...) he always has his eye on the ball, expect to be questioned about your processes and chemicals when you least expect it. Between jobs would be a great time to reflect on jobs, talk about ourselves and get to know each other. A real personal touch for me as it was in no way robotic. You will leave your training feeling you have all the tools from networking to knowledge, Andy is always at the end of the phone, if he can’t answer it he takes the time to find out from someone else. My advice to anyone interested would be to give Andy a call, have an honest chat with him, you won’t feel pressured, everything is at your pace. Once you’ve spoken to anyone else you will quickly see why. 


John Brown, Tonbridge Oven Cleaning (Basildon)

  “I was trained by Andy @ Oven Cleaning Demon in June and I was not disappointed. He was very thorough with his training and no question was left unanswered. He has unbelievable knowledge of ovens and the best cleaning products and methods. Since being trained he is always on the end of the phone if we encounter a problem and keen to help in anyway he can. 


I would highly recommend his training"


Danielle , Queen Clean ltd (Wirral)

I recently did my ovenclean training with Andy  (Oven Cleaning Demon)

Having looked at other ovencleaning training companies I came across OCD and was impressed with the brand.

After initial introduction via telephone I met Andy who briefed me  on the contents of his course.

I found the training to be very thorough and proffesional. Andy went into great detail on the process and products and tools required and I was guided throughout the course gaining expert knowledge sufficient to enable me to start my own company. Training course was excellent value and Andy is always available via a phone call for any further advise on any issue's  you may encounter....


Bernie Murrey, Ovenhaus Ltd (Liverpool)

"If you are looking to set up your own oven cleaning business then look no further for training.. Andy is a fantastic trainer and has great knowledge especially when it comes to cleaning ovens and also the set up of the business. I feel lucky to have come across Andy while searching on the internet as my business wouldn’t be where it is today if I hadn’t.  Andy is always at the end of the phone to help you if you have any problems and for me that’s priceless."


Thank you for everything Andy!


Alex, Eco Clean Oven (Huddersfield)

Just completed  a weeks training  with Andy and WoW!

What a week it was from knowing nothing about the Oven Cleaning Buisness  I now feel confident enough to carry out the Jobs to a fantastic standard. I have no hesitation in recommending Andy, his training is 1st  class.


Tom, Pristine Oven Clean (St Helens)

  “Andy was so enthusiastic and made the training both interesting and enjoyable. As a trainer he also covers all possible worst scenarios and provides solutions. I would highly recommend a refresher course with Andy or beginners full training course. He is methodical and his end results and customer feedback speak for itself. As a female travelling aloneAndy provided recommendations for places to stay and eat. I benefited from this course and it has enabled me to work smarter and more efficiently. Andy’s aftercare is brilliant and he is always at the end of the phone to give advise. What Andy doesn’t know about ovens, products and methods and settings up and running a successful oven cleaning business isn’t worth knowing...

    My only negative is that I wish I’d done my original training the Oven Cleaning Demon Ltd”


Sarah at The Boss Oven Cleaning (Stevenage)

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to Andy at Oven Cleaning Demon Ltd for all his help and training over the week I spent with him. He has been great and I now feel much more confident in my abilities to reach the levels I want to achieve.  His insight into the professional oven cleaning industry, from the eco products to the tools needed to do the job properly, from customer service to the best methods to deliver a sparkling end result, and everything else to setup and run a successful business”


Liam at Elite Oven Cleaning (Sutton Coalfield)

 “I did one weeks training with Andy and learned so much from his work ethic, it’s outstanding. He talks you through everything step by step. The thing I liked most was it’s “hands on training” real life examples not in a class room, which gives you great confidence when you’re in customers houses, I would definitely recommend him for training”


Darron,  Ovenzap (Wigan)

Totally committed to as near perfect result as possible when cleaning ovens. Spent 2 days on refresher training in oven cleaning & saw his work first hand on different styles of ovens. Brilliant work & results. Strongly recommend Andy for all oven cleaning jobs.


Pete Cambell - Black Bear Oven Cleaning Services (Leeds & Bradford)

I spent two days with Andy as part of a training package that he very kindly offered me as i start my own oven cleaning journey ... I must agree with all previous reviews , he was courteous to all of his customers , extremely professional , knowledgeable and the results he achieves when cleaning speak for themselves... highly recommended


Nick Spencer - OvenWow (York)

“Did my training with Andy in Early March, Andy is probably the most knowledgeable oven cleaner you could ever meet, I’d say his training and aftercare is exceptional”


James, Vision Oven Cleaning (Liverpool)